Do’s and Don’ts When Moving to San Francisco

a moving truckIf you are moving from New York City to San Francisco, there will be several things that need your consideration. From getting rid of the unwanted stuff to hiring the best moving service for your transit, everything needs to be planned well in advance. Once you are in the city, you will need to familiarize yourself with the city and its rules.

In this post, let us go over some things you should be careful of when living in the city of San Francisco to have an enjoyable experience.

What You Should Do

You might be tempted to visit one of the beautiful local parks located around the neighborhoods, but make sure you check the vehicle parking situation in the local park before heading there. If you plan to commute within the city in your own car, please be aware that the city has extremely limited parking available.

Make sure you get your Clipper Card. It can be reloaded easily and gives you some really good discounts on specific transit systems such as Caltrain. This will save you from having to buy a ticket every time you wish to get on a public transport.

If you are moving from New York to San Francisco for a job, then consider the distance from your rented apartment to your office. You would not like the idea of sitting on the bus for several hours to get to your destination. Research in advance and look for an apartment that is close to your work area so that you are comfortable commuting every day.

What You Should Not Do

The first thing you should note is to avoid making any assumptions about weather in San Francisco. If you think it’s all sunny and warm, then you may be disappointed. While the average temperature usually stays around 40 degrees, it may change dramatically at times due to fog. It’s advisable to carry a lightweight jacket with you as the weather can change at any moment.

Secondly, don’t decide on a rented apartment by just seeing the images posted online. Make sure you visit the apartment in person and talk to the owner or agent before finalizing the deal. There are many rental scams online so do your due diligence and avoid the headache.

When you are in the city, be a part of its culture and social life. Don’t forget to participate in the Bay to Breakers Race that is held every year in the month of May. This is a colorful festival where locals like to dress up in costumes and take part in street celebrations.

Get Ready for your Move

The city is truly diverse and welcomes people of all ethnicity, race, and religion to settle down. Regardless of which neighborhood you stay in, you will always be able to easily access other parts of the city. Make sure you do your research well and choose the perfect neighborhood that is closest to your office as well as close to restaurants, nightlife and parks.

You may also need to consider other things like school or college for kids, etc. Overall, moving from New York to San Francisco may give you some surprises at first. However, most of these surprises should be pleasant for you and it will take no time to start living the life of a San Franciscan.

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