Top Questions People Ask Before Buying Weed Online In Vancouver

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Vancouver is a bustling seaport and one of the ethnically diverse cities of Canada. Natural beauty, theatrical events and music makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations and now there’s another reason who people would love to visit the city. It is one of those places where it is legal to smoke pot or enjoy a vaping session. In this article, we will tell you a few things you need to know before you buy weed from an online dispensary Canada.

Despite cannabis being legalized in Vancouver, you still need to abide by the various rules to stay within the law. While buying from online dispensaries in Vancouver adds a lot of convenience to the lives of patients who need marijuana to improve their condition, here are a few things you need to remember before using them in public.

Where I Can Legally Smoke Pot In Public?

You can smoke pot pretty much anywhere people are allowed to smoke e-cigarettes and tobacco. However, you must be careful to not smoke in areas of public transportation, such as vehicles and boats. You must stay away at least 6 meters from areas such as sports fields, playgrounds, school properties, and skate parks. You must also stay away from beach areas that are flocked by adults and kids.

How Much Pot Am I Allowed To Keep At Home?

You are allowed to grow as many as four plants per household, however they should not be visible from the public spaces of your property. According to the Canadian law, you can posses as much as 1,000 grams in your home at a time.  Some find it much easier to simply buy weed online in Vancouver, rather than grow it or store large quantities of it at home.

Can I Drive After Smoking Pot?

Absolutely no. You should not even think about it as the penalties may be huge including license prohibitions, fines, and even arrest. These offences may show up in your permanent record, making it difficult for you to travel across the world. The drivers are subjected to zero-tolerance when it comes to THC positive in test.

Am I Allowed To Grow Pot In My Front Yard?

Yes you may, but you must make sure that your front yard has high fences to hide the garden from public view. As far as smoking is concerned, you may get a six-meter buffer and enjoy it indoors. Just make sure you are away from the kids. As per the provincial legislation, you should not expose kids to any kind of Kush strains.

Can I Take Pot With Me On A Flight To Anywhere In Canada?

As long as you have an allowable provincial legislation, you may take the pot with you to other places in Canada, such as Toronto, Edmonton, and Prince George. Remember that the marijuana laws are different in different states so learn about the laws in the destination you are heading to.

Are The Other Types Of Cannabis Legal Such As Edibles And Extracts?

Yes, you are allowed to have them in your possession but retail sales are prohibited. The laws around the cannabis edibles are still not very clear so any purchase or consumption should be done with caution.

Where Is The Safest Place To Buy Weed In Vancouver?

I would suggest that you buy weed from an online dispensary Canada as this is the simplest and safest method available, instead of traveling to a brick and mortar store. There are many online dispensaries that stock a wide range of cannabis.

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